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Fault Injection

Voltage Fault Injection (Voltage Glitching)

Countermeasures & Mitigations

Side Channel Analysis (SCA)

Power Analysis

Power analysis is a form of SCA where an attacker studies the power consumption of a cryptographic hardware device.

Attacks & Case Studies

  • PACMAN - YouTube: microarchitecture side channel attack to break ARM Pointer Authentication Code (PAC).
  • Screaming Channels: side-channel attack that leaks AES via analog disturbances in RF wireless signal for mixed-signal SoCs.

FPGA-Specific Security

Hardware Trojans

Configuration Scrubbing

Scrubbing is the periodic reprogramming, or checking, of FPGA configuration space (e.g. how Programmable Logic fabric is programmed and routed) to prevent/fix errors. These errors could be caused by radiation (e.x. FPGAs operating in a space or nuclear environment) or malicious actors.


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